Digital Dog Art
Gorgeous, oil-style portraits

These portraits are designed and executed to look like old world masters portraits. We can even
merge portions of different photographs into a single image and paint from there.  The portrait of
the little elderly poodle below was done by merging the two photographs and then painting in
"younger" eyes.  We also added fur to his leg - he was undergoing fluid therapy and the fur had
been shaved off of his leg.  We also evened out the hump in his back to make the portrait perfect.  
Email with questions.
These are delivered on unstretched canvas
in a hard protective tube.  The portraits
have a 4" border to allow you to get them
stretched and framed.
This style is available in
16x20 - $250
24x30 - $3
for a single pet in the portrait.  Additional
pets can be added for $50 each.

We request a $100 deposit before beginning
on your project.  Please use the paypal
button below for the deposit.  We will
contact you via email to arrange to get your