Digital Dog Art
Gorgeous, watercolor-style portraits

These portraits are designed and executed to look like a vibrant, stunning watercolor

Don't worry about distracting things in your photos, we can easily remove most
leashes, collars, etc.  We will give you an estimate once we receive your photo and
Other Examples
These neat portrats are based on photos taken at our 2006 Christmas fundraiser photoshoot
held at Cooper Animal Clinic in Houston.
These are delivered on unstretched
archival canvas with watercolor paper
texture in a hard protective tube.  The
portraits have a 4" border to allow you to
get them stretched and framed.
This style is available in
8x10 - $75

11x14 - $135
16x20 - $225
24x30 - $300
for a single pet in the portrait.  Additional
pets can be added for $50 each.

We request a $75 deposit before beginning
on your project.  Please use the paypal
button below for the deposit.  We will
contact you via email to arrange to get your